Monday, June 28, 2010

Brunch and Boats

After my trip down to Alabama in April for a lovely celebration, I decided I needed more Southern girls in my life. There are several Auburn alumni here in NYC and I never see any of them! I emailed sweet LeeAnne, an interior designer who was my neighbor in Auburn, and she set up a brunch with a few other girls at Penelope's Cafe last Saturday. The food was delicious! I highly recommend the rose mimosa as well :) It was great to be around giggly girls again and hear all their funny stories. We covered everything from mouse drama to HGTV fame to weddings (of course!). I love a good dive bar and beer but sometimes it is nice to put on a dress and hang out with ladies. I hope we do it again soon! Hopefully I can convince them to trek out to Brooklyn...

After brunch, I took the train to downtown Manhattan to catch the ferry (I love boats!) to Governor's Island. Courtney is (happily) getting married in November but (sadly) leaving NYC at the end of July. One of her bridesmaids Lauren threw her a Going Away Party/Bridal Shower picnic.

Lady Liberty in the distance!

Governor's Island from the ferry.

We had a nice spread of sweets and fruit at the picnic. I was stuffed from brunch but still managed to fight down a cupcake or two. The only thing we were missing was some boxed wine. Do these girls know how to throw a party?! :)

Courtney requested we bring her one of our favorite recipes in lieu of a gift. I gave her a shrimp and grits recipe that is to die for! Makes me hungry just typing about it....

I really like Governor's Island. It's such a contrast from Manhattan and Brooklyn because it is completely deserted. They sometimes have activities on the weekends but it is strange to think the buildings sit empty the rest of the time. There is a plan to redevelop the island and make it more of an attraction but I like the fact that is this hidden gem where you can escape the crowds. I hope to go back with bikes soon and ride around without worrying about traffic.

I wish I had been there Sunday for the polo event (where I hear Prince Harry fell off his horse). Maybe next year I'll be ready to rub elbows with the royals! :)

(Penelope's Cafe photo courtesy of NY Mag and Shanna Ravindra. I didn't want to be that awkward girl taking pictures while people are eating. Plus, it was much more crowded when we were there.)

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