Friday, June 18, 2010

EuroTour 2010

Kurt and I finally bought our tickets to go to Europe in July! My inner planner was getting nervous that we waited so long, but flights were so expensive, we couldn't bear parting with that much money before we absolutely had to. Kurt's friend, Claudio, is getting married in Villasanta, Italy outside of Milan on July 22nd, so we planned our other travels around that.

We're leaving NYC the evening of July 13th. It might take a few beers and Tylenol PM but I am determined to sleep on this flight. Last time I flew to Europe, I didn't get much sleep and was miserable for the first couple days. We arrive in Zurich, Switzerland and after a day or two there head to Venice, Italy (think I can convince Kurt to take me on a gondola?!). We then take the train to Ljubljana, Slovenia where Kurt has a couple friends. Another good friend of Kurt's, Magda, is also driving down from Poland to meet us in Ljubljana. She and her boyfriend are picking us up and we're heading to the beach!! We'll most likely go to Rijeka on the Croatian coast.

From there we will make our way to Milan and the towns around it for all the wedding festivities. We've got lots of people to see that Kurt knows from his exchange. Sadly, I hear most people won't speak English and my kick to "learn Italian before we go" didn't last too long. I think I will be doing a lot of smiling and nodding....luckily, two of my strongest skills. Kurt informs me that the phrase io sono cattolica will get me in their good graces right away though.

Sadly, we head back to NYC on the 25th out of Zurich. I can already tell it is going to go by in a flash. I hope to savor each moment and will surely have stories to tell when we return!!

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