Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Beer, Great Music

Well, the beer wasn't free, but the music was great! Kurt and I had a concert filled weekend. I've been trying to take advantage of all the cultural activities NYC has to offer, so we bought tickets to see one of Kurt's favorite artists for Friday night and also realized a really great band I like was playing Saturday. Unfortunately, going to lots of concerts is expensive, so I'm taking a musical hiatus after we see She & Him next week!

We went to Webster Hall for an early show on Friday night to see Sage Francis. Kurt describes it as underground hip-hop. I couldn't really understand much of what Sage was rapping about, but I hear a lot of it is socially and politically charged.

Board shorts with a sport coat is a good look :) I didn't get a good picture of her, but the girl that sang with Sage was awesome. She had a really great voice and complemented him really well. You can see her in a review of their new album here.

It was an interesting show. A lot of the songs were catchier than I expected them to be and the crowd was really into it. Who knew Kurt had decent taste in music? :)

Then we went to the Bowery Ballroom Saturday night to see Voxtrot. I've been following them for a few years and periodically checking if they were touring. They are from Austin, TX and would occasionally do shows there but never made it to where I was, so I was so excited that they were finally coming to NYC. Come to find out, it was their last concert ever! They are breaking up! :(

But it was still an awesome show! They don't have an incredibly huge body of work, so I knew pretty much all the songs really well. I'm a fan of the Bowery Ballroom too. It's not a large venue and they have a great mezzanine level where we usually stand. You don't have to fight the crowd and can see really well--which is a blessing for a short girl. The only downside is not being able to grope the lead singer when they dive into the crowd at the end of the show :( I'm so sad that Voxtrot is no longer but glad I was able to finally see them!

Look forward to a post about She & Him next week. I have a crush on Zooey Deschanel and it should be an awesome show!

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