Monday, June 28, 2010

Futbol and Farewells

I'll admit it. Soccer doesn't exactly excite me. It is fun to watch but maybe only 15% of the time. I totally respect the sport and realize the athleticism it requires and am slowly learning the rules and strategy, but I almost fell asleep at a bar while watching Germany vs. England and Argentina vs. Mexico on Sunday. However, I like Kurt and Kurt likes soccer, so I'm trying to get into the World Cup. Plus, most soccer players are pretty easy on the eyes as illustrated by Germany's goal keeper (above). What a cutie!

Apparently my zeal for the sport also translates into my prediction skills. I am currently in 17th place in our World Cup bracket challenge of 18 people...oh, wait, 18th place didn't even fill one out. Yes, that means I am in last place. Luckily, Kurt is keeping me company down there in 16th place! :)

After a thrilling morning and afternoon of soccer and helping Silvia move into a new apartment, we went and met some friends for drinks. Unfortunately, our friend BStar is moving back to Indiana this week, so we got together to give him a proper send off. Our evening began at Flatbush Farm. It has two sections; One is a restaurant which uses only local and fresh ingredients. It is kind of pricey, so we always end up next door at the Bar(n).

They have a great backyard which is perfect in the summer. Not too many places have that much space. I also love their string lights. They had Edison bulbs where you can see the filament. They are kind of pricey but definitely achieve a look. If I ever have a yard, I would like to string those all around (hint hint, homeowners).

From the farm, we headed to Mission Dolores. It used to be an auto shop but the owners converted it to a bar with an amazing courtyard. During the summer, we like to hit up as many outdoor locations as possible. It's hard to remember what sitting outside is like during the long cold winters!

After a few rounds of Tell Your Favorite BStar Stories, we attempted a group shot...harder than it looks. This was my favorite of about 10 photos. From left to right: Jenn, Kurt, me, Adam, BStar, Erik, Erin, Andrea, Kristin, and Silvia. We're going to miss you, Brian! I hope you find what you are looking for.

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  1. You mean you were falling asleep during that early match!? There were five goals!!! :-)


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