Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have some crazy friends that like to ride insanely long distances by bicycle. Who am I to ruin their fun? I don't mind as long as I get an excuse to go to the beach while they pedal away. This is the second year we have gotten a group together to head out to Montauk for a weekend. Last year, the ride was in August and incidentally on the same weekend as a tropical storm rolled through the Northeast. The 100 mile ride was miserable, but they were troopers and finished triumphantly!

This year, the forecast for Saturday was beautiful! Sunny skies the entire way. Congratulations to Jenn (100 miles), Silvia (100 miles), Angela (100 miles), and Scott (66 miles). They all did a great job! I feel completely inadequate in comparison. The most exertion I experienced that day was cheering for them at the finish line (and getting sunburned in the process).

And who can forget the Brothers Martig?! Kurt and Erik both rode 150 miles each! They started at their apartment in Brooklyn and made it all the way to Montauk in one piece. I'm in awe.

We rented a huge house to spend the weekend in Montauk after the ride. It had a great pool....

....and a large fridge which we stocked accordingly.

We headed to the beach on Sunday, but sadly, it was not as sunny as the previous day. Here, 5 of the 6 riders reenact their experience from the day before.

And show off a souvenir from the ride--a sweet bike short tan. Silvia was the only responsible one to reapply her sunscreen.

Boo...the sun never came out and it got chilly, so we packed up and headed back to the house.

The sun finally graced us with its presence the night before we left. I think it was a good send off. See you next year, Montauk!!....maybe with a smaller group....

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