Friday, June 18, 2010

New Wheels

I got a new bike! Thanks to the entire Martig clan, it was imported from Ohio and we've slowly been fixing it up. It's a royal blue Schwinn Traveler from 1986 (a good year!). We (rather, Kurt + me supervising/wiping the sweat from his brow) have replaced the tires and tubes, swapped out the skewers so my wheels don't get stolen (it happens!), and changed the handlebars and brake cables.

It originally had these really sporty handlebars that dropped down. I couldn't exactly grip the brakes well and wasn't thrilled about leaning over so far, so we got new/used handlebars from Recycle-A-Bicycle. My new view is much better!

Note: I normally wear a helmet, but this was just the test run (and glamour shots!). Check out those skills!

My old bike. Thanks for your loyal service! We had some good times together (and only a few near death experiences). I hope she finds a good home!

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