Monday, July 12, 2010

Kitchen Disaster

This evening I stopped by Target after work and was all ready to start packing for our big trip. I innocently start cooking a frozen pizza in the microwave before I began organizing my stuff. All of a sudden, the upper cabinets in our kitchen decided to detach from the wall and send all their contents crashing down on me and the floor! Luckily, my new roommate Sophia was close by and helped me hold the cabinets up and eventually stabilize them. We decided to take everything out that hadn't already fallen out, clean up the mess, and call our landlord to fix them asap! It was so crazy!

During the crash, my white jeans and I got into a battle with a jar of tomato sauce. Sadly, the jeans and I lost. The glass shattered and sauce went flying everywhere, including all over me. During the cleanup, we were amazed at how far away from ground zero we found tomato sauce. I'm afraid we are going to find it in random places for weeks!

I called our landlord and told him the situation. His immediate response: "No way! Get out of here!" Then he asked if everyone was okay and said he would send someone first thing tomorrow morning. I hope it gets fixed soon! I'm going to suggest he call the Fantes--expert cabinet makers from North Carolina. I'll get you two to NYC one way or another :)

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