Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 10: Reception

After the ceremony, we drove to a town called Lecco where the reception was being held at the Castello di Rossino. It was so picturesque. I was in awe. The castle is on top of a hill that overlooks the lake and some of the town. On the other side of Lake Lecco is Lake Como, where many fancy celebrities have houses. Sadly, I did not run into George Clooney at the party, but it was still beautiful.

View towards Lake Lecco.

Arguing about how to take a picture.

The newlyweds! Manuela even had these awesome white-framed glasses to go with her dress. Genius!

In addition to European churches, I am also jealous of European castles.

There was pretty much only one goal for the evening, and that was eating. As soon as we arrived, there was champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Then we moved into the courtyard for a little buffet and found our seats. After that we were served maybe 3 or 4 courses. I can't even remember! There was a meat and a rice...maybe they had a pasta mixed in there. Those Italians sure know how to put some food away. I was struggling to keep up but somehow managed to survive. It was all so delicious! (Plus, I was oblivious to most of the conversations going on, so the next logical thing to do was focus on the plate in front of me.)

I am sad to report that there was no dancing at this wedding. They played music though. Italians love popular American songs from 5 or 10 years ago. They also can't get enough of Michael Jackson! One of the few Italian phrases from Claudio I understood was (and Kurt may have to correct this), "Lui non e'morto (he is not dead)" while Thriller was playing.

To drown my lack-of-dancing sorrows, there was wine. I will say, not as much as I had expected though. By the end of the evening, Kurt had to travel around to other tables to scavenge unfinished bottles. After we had consumed as much food as our bodies would allow, there was a separate room (I'm telling you, castle envy!) for grappa and coffee.

And how could I forget the cake?! Delicious. Kurt had 2 slices.

One tradition that transcends cultures is the throwing of the bouquet (no garder toss though). It's just as embarrassing in Italy though--possibly even more so. Somehow I was extracted from the sidelines and got roped into the group of single ladies. I did not catch the bouquet. I did not try to catch the bouquet. Kurt had been put through enough terror with the questions of When are you two getting married? on our trip. I figured I would save him the added stress and let that bunch of flowers go to someone else. I could have totally had it though :) No one else went for it!

Another Italian/American difference: they don't smile in pictures! I bet we look goofy with our cheesy grins, but it's your wedding day! Don't you want to remember being happy?! Even when the families were taking pictures back at the church, everyone was so stoic. It was an interesting contrast. I can't see a camera without smiling. It's a reflex.

Isn't Kurt's suit awesome?! It was his dad's and has been resurrected for two weddings already this year. Heaven forbid someone get married in the winter...

The wedding was great! Totally worth transversing an ocean. I wish Claudio and Manuela all the best! They have been together 11 years and are finally married. Such an adorable couple!

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