Sunday, August 29, 2010


One of Kurt's main goals for the last weekend before college football season begins: get a mini keg. Aren't we so ambitious? :)

We hopped on our bikes and rode down to the beer distributor. Kurt had his sights set on a 5 liter Heineken mini keg. He even called the store beforehand to make sure they had a cold one.

Kurt is all about frugality, so we worked out the cost breakdown for the amount of beer you get from the keg. Well, there are 33.81 ounces in 1 liter, making the keg a total of 169.05 ounces which yields about 14 beers. The total cost for the keg was $22, making each beer just about $1.56. Kurt can get a case of Heineken bottles from Costco for just over $1 a bottle. We decided the novelty of the keg was worth it and we were saving the planet by using less glass and cardboard associated with a case of beer!

Transporting large packages: milk crate and bungee cords.

While unrelated to the keg, this is what we did while it chilled some more. Did you know you can buy an HD antenna? Well, Kurt got one the other day and we hooked it up. It only picks up about 20 stations, but they are in HD! So clear! Just in time for football season although, sadly, it does not receive ESPN.

Tapping the keg. Does that pitcher look familiar? Yep, it was imported from Amsterdam.

So happy

The best thing to complement a mini-keg? A cookout in the backyard. Kurt grilled up some burgers while others contributed salads, corn on the cob, and delicious zucchini brownies. Yum!

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