Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2 Years

As of yesterday, I have been living in NYC for 2 years.

I recall the move. It involved my dad and myself and several suitcases. It poured as we navigated our way to Staten Island over the Verrazano Bridge. I don't remember crying when he left and I was truly on my own. The tears would come weeks and months later as I began to get a taste of adulthood and the cruel irony of loneliness in a city of 8 million people.

Year one was rough; I will attest to that. The second has been a bit smoother. My experience has had some ups and downs. I've made new friends, lost track of a few, and rediscovered some old ones along the way. I feel more settled without yet being too comfortable.

My morning commute takes me over the Manhattan bridge where I get a daily eyeful of the city skyline. This place is incredible and I am lucky to be here. It puzzles me on a regular basis how I found my way here from Alabama. Little me?! What was I thinking?! I don't do crazy things like that!! At times I feel like I could stay here forever. Some days I can't wait to escape. Lately, my mindset has been more of the former. In two years, I've barely cracked the surface of the city and can't wait to explore the rest.

Look forward to more adventures from year 3!


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