Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Folks

My parents visited New York this week! They arrived in the city on Wednesday, hung around for a few days, and headed up to Connecticut on Saturday. This weekend was my Dad's 40th high school reunion. They are visiting my dad's side of the family up in Moosup, CT. (I will be staying in New York this weekend to watch Auburn play their first game of the season!)

We all walked across the Brooklyn Bridge one evening after I got off work. I always walk my parents to death when they visit. They should be used to it by now. There are just so many great things to see in New York and none of them happen to be very close to each other. Plus, not having a car gets you accustomed to considering your feet your primary mode of transportation. If you ever come to visit me, you better bring your walking shoes!

My dad's birthday was on Saturday, so I got him some balls and golf club rental at Chelsea Piers.

Luckily, my lovely bosses closed our office on Friday (woo hoo! 4 day weekend!), so I had an extra day to tour around with my parents. We did lots of running around and lots of eating during their stay.

AND I added a new celebrity to my sighting list! My mom loves to look around at design stores and showrooms, so I took her to Waterworks, a bath and tile store my office works with often. As we walked in the store, guess who was walking out and held the door for us?!? Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear!!! He was so tall and well dressed (of course).

Apparently I'm working on the whole What Not to Wear crew because one of my first celebrity sightings when I moved to the city was the hair stylist, Nick Arrojo. Look out Stacy and Carmindy...I'm coming for you next!

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