Monday, September 20, 2010

Molto Mario

This evening, Kurt and I graced the Soho Apple store with our presence. They occasionally have notable people speak there, and I saw today on this blog that Mario Batali would be appearing. Kurt and I had just been perusing Mario's website the day before to find a good pasta recipe and had made a date to go to Eataly (Mario's new grocery store/restaurant) sometime this week for lunch. It was in the stars. We had to go see him in person!

I feel like Mario and Kurt are kindred spirits. Not only do they both looooove Italian cuisine, but Mario wore these awful orange Crocs which he also gifted the moderator Mo Rocca. Kurt has a pair of Ohio State Crocs which I vow are going to mysteriously disappear one day because he wears them all the time and it bugs me. 

Mario's appearance was also to promote a new iPhone app of his which has recipes, video tutorials, and extensive how to's on many cooking techniques. It seemed pretty interesting...if only I had an iPhone. Kurt can't wait until he comes out with an app for the Android operating system.

All in all, Mario seemed very nice and down to earth. He was quite a salesman trying to promote his app and store but also really seemed completely knowledgeable about anything and everything Italian food. Kurt ran up to get his autograph after the discussion was over, but I was too slow and did not get a picture of them together! Ugh! 


  1. I still don't understand who Mo Rocca is...

    It's already Wednesday...when are we going to Eataly?! I hate that name and I'm convinced it was the marketing people's brilliant play on words. So creative.

    Mario is interesting...I also found his comment about why his show is no longer on Food Network interesting...he said something along the lines of people are less interested in technical cooking shows...I hate you Iron Chef, etc (and marketing people).

  2. Oh, and he also said he's not good at desserts. Yes, he and I are on the same page.


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