Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I wish I were talking about public displays of affection. I am not. Today, I have been at my office for 2 years. I started back in 2008 on the day people remember as the day Lehman Brothers went under and the beginning of the recession. It's not the most bright and sun-shiny thing to think about, but I am grateful to have employment which allows me to continue my tenure in this lovely city. I have seen lots of friends and acquaintances and coworkers get laid off and struggle, so even though my job can be a bit ridiculous at times, I am happy to be here and generally enjoy the work.

I graduated from Auburn back in May of 2008. Even then it was difficult to find a job. The economy had slowed a bit and firms weren't looking really looking to hire anyone, especially fresh faced young kids straight out of school. I spent part of my summer after graduation in Greensboro, Alabama, helping a couple friends finish building a house which was a design/build project with Auburn. Granted, I did a lot of hanging out and beer drinking, but I also spent a lot of time sending resumes and portfolios to firms, hoping someone...anyone would be interested.

I knew I wanted to be in a big city. I needed some distance from Alabama and the South for a while, so I looked hard at New York and places like Denver and DC. I must have sent my resume to close to a hundred firms. I wasn't very good with being aggressive and following up, so I rarely heard back from any offices. I would occasionally get cookie cutter rejection emails saying the firm was not hiring at the moment etc.

To my surprise and excitement, I finally received a positive email! I emailed back and form with (my boss now) Kate and discussed the position and their needs. They needed someone very quickly which didn't lend itself time to set up an in-person interview, so we agreed to do a phone interview. It was more like 5 minute chat with a girlfriend. She hired me from that! I can't believe it! The whole process was much too easy.

So. Two years. I've learned a lot, had some fun days, had some crappy days, and also realized I might go crazy if I stay much longer. However, for now, I am happy. I'd be happier if I got a two year raise but I really don't see that happening. We'll see what the future holds!

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