Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm not exactly sure how Kurt and I came into such good fortune but am really glad we did! Monday morning I was in the office and our lawyers called to speak with one of my bosses, Hope. They chit chatted a while and when Hope got off the phone, she announced that their law firm had 2 extra Yankees tickets to Tuesday night's game and wanted to see if anyone from our office would want them. My coworkers Karen and Eric thought about it for a moment and decided they weren't interested. I'll take them!! I emailed Kurt quickly to see if he was free and our lawyer friend set up a messenger to bring the tickets over to my office.

I've only experienced minor league baseball in New York, so I was pretty excited to see what all the Yankees fuss is about and see their shiny new stadium. Once I got the tickets, Kurt and I did some research on our seats and slowly realized they were pretty fancy! We were in the Delta 360 Suite which is a small section of cushy seats which wrap behind home plate. We had a special entrance reached by an elevator which we shared with some important looking businessmen in suits (we did not fit in). The Delta Suite had its own concessions and bar and you could get waitress service from your seat! Sadly, nothing was free (we had high hopes) but it was nice to experience the game from a different perspective as opposed to the cheapo nosebleed seats we would purchase ourselves. The downside: we're spoiled forever. I'll never be able to visit another stadium without padded seats and a private bathroom!

Our view of the field. Our lawyer friend warned me beforehand to stay alert because this section gets a lot of foul balls. Kurt brought a couple baseball gloves in hopes of snagging a souvenir ball. A lot of fouls came to our section but none close enough to grab. Plus, we were smack in the middle of this section of big guys (other lawyers, I'm assuming) who were armed and ready to dive for their own chance at a foul ball. Our competition was steep. 

The Yankees ended up winning 8 to 3 over the Tampa Bay Rays (I thought they used to be the Devil Rays? Oh, is that offensive? Jeez...). The game was pretty boring but the experience was great! I can now check the Yankees off my list. If anyone is handing out free tickets in the future, send them my way. I'm always up for a new adventure!

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  1. Yes, quite an interesting evening. Our night of pseudo-classicism...or pseudo-economic ladder climbing. :-)

    The cushion seats were pretty clutch. Private bathroom also, even though there were still some lines.

    I understand now where $1.5 million went - well, I think the park TBA is doing next door fits in that 1.5, but anyway, that's a measly fraction...


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