Saturday, September 18, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Walking

As a treat to my hard-working self, I have decided to invest in a new pair of boots this year. My old ones have held up well over several years but New York City walking has pushed them towards retirement. They are scuffed and falling apart. I even had the heel reattached last year to squeeze a few more months out of them.

It's no secret I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. I am also pretty cheap, so I am trying to convince my self that these boots are a necessity. A good pair of knee high boots and thick tights allow me to prolong skirt and dress wearing long into the winter. I have a lot of dresses and not so many pants. Without my glorious new footwear, I would be severely limiting my wardrobe potential. So there. I need them.

Now the question is which ones do I get?!? I need some help. Suggestions are welcome--desired even. The ones above are from Aerosoles. I haven't seen them in person and am not totally convinced. They aren't too expensive and look comfy. The issue: I'm afraid they look a tad bit matronly* as most Aerosoles do. I'll give them a try but don't have the highest hopes. So the search continues! I hope to find a good pair before the temperatures drop! Please help!


*A tangent. Bear with me. After Labor Day, like a good Southerner, I retired this pair of white sandals I wore constantly over the summer (Target--best deal ever). So I was wearing this pair of leather sandals I don't love but tolerate. I saw Kurt that evening after work. This was our exchange.

Kurt: (looking at the shoes) Oh, I haven't seen those before. Are they new?
Melissa: No, I've had them for a while. I don't really like them though.
K: Oh. Why not?
M: Eh, they're borderline mom-ish.
K: Oh, yeah. I can see that.
M: (voice raised to a higher octave) What?! You're not supposed to agree with me! You're supposed to say they look fine and I shouldn't worry! Ugh.....hmmm.....jeez. (sigh) I'm never wearing these again.

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