Monday, October 11, 2010

Aubie Cat

Okay, maybe my cat doesn't hate me. We are slowly working through our issues. His "love bites" are becoming less frequent (or maybe I am learning how to keep him happy), and he is generally more pleasant. I stayed home on Friday after a long night out, and Aubie and I had some good bonding time. He is much more mellow during the day then when I normally see him in the evenings. Of course, he still had bursts of energy where he bolts around my small apartment and bounces off the walls, but those moments were also mixed with naps and helping me fold laundry.

He finally took to the second scratching post I bought him. We started with a version that hangs on a door knob, but Aubie continued to prefer digging his claws into our furniture. This new one is a Trader Joe's special and came with catnip. Aubie is slowly getting on board with my rules. He even likes to take naps on it. 

Sometimes Aubie still likes to scratch at our chair, so we might stick with aluminum foil therapy until he's totally sold on the scratching mat. Thanks for the tip, Jenn and Erin!

Update: This was the scene I walked into Saturday afternoon:

Aubie decided to destroy an entire roll of paper towels, shredding them into tiny pieces in my room and the kitchen. He also seems to be the only cat in the entire world who does not hate the sound of aluminum foil which I thought was a brilliant scratch deterrent on our couch. Let's just say we are still working through a few issues...

1 comment:

  1. HA! Great snapshots of the disaster! Looks like the foil didn't hold up so well. I am coming over some time this week to meet him.


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