Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flying the Coop

I feel like my apartment is one disaster after another these days. Back in July, we had the great cabinet collapse. A couple months later, our toilet decided to self-destruct, flooding our bathroom and sending a river of water to the second floor below and the restaurant on the ground floor. The effects of this incident are still present because I am seeing a little patch of mold starting to grow behind the toilet! Eww!

Within the past couple weeks, New York has been getting a lot of rain. Some other tenants in our building had a nice little set-up on our roof with tables and lights and apparently a carpet. When a big storm came through, it washed all this junk into the roof drain and clogged it. This caused water to back up on the roof. If I learned one technical thing in architecture school, it is that water will find a way to get where it wants. Its preferred route ended up being through our ceiling, namely our bathroom light fixture and smoke alarm. I don't claim to know much about electricity but always thought it and water did not mix well, so I was very freaked out. I also came home from work to an ear piercing siren coming from our apartment and neighbors glaring at me. Water and smoke detectors definitely do not mix and ours was completely freaking out. I had to rip it off the ceiling and call our landlord in a panic. They came and fixed things within the next couple days, and I thought everything was fine.

Last night we had another pretty big storm. It rained super hard (the kind where you ditch your umbrella and sprint for cover if you are unlucky enough to be outside) and we even got some hail. Lo and behold, water started coming through our bathroom light fixture again. And then our smoke detector went off again. When I ripped this one off the ceiling, a bucket of water came down with it. It was obvious the water had done its damage and the thing was not going to stop beeping, so I reluctantly had to deactivate the week old device. (Every time I have to deal with this stupid smoke alarm, which also includes any time I use our oven, I have flashbacks to this Friends episode.)

Once I calmed down a bit, I immediately started looking on Craigslist for new apartments. Our bad luck is getting ridiculous. I don't think I can break my lease unless things get really bad, but I have been dreaming of living on my own for a while.

I shouldn't really be browsing and geting my hopes up, but I found this one and couldn't help but dream of all the cute things I could do with it! It's in Clinton Hill but the ad was very vague about the exact location, so I am skeptical, especially since it is affordable. I really love my current location but am going to continue planning my exodus. Aubie and I just need a safe and dry place to live!

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