Monday, October 11, 2010

Met Roof Top

Thanks to good old Christopher Columbus, I had the day off from work, completing my fabulous four day weekend. Jenn suggested we take advantage of the day and do something cultural. I had some errands I wanted to get done around Brooklyn, so I nixed a few of her more ambitious plans and we decided to check out this exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Apart from my MoMA excursion two weeks ago, I've been very lax about museum going. I live in this great city with countless museums and galleries but I often spend my time watching football and going to divey bars to drink cheap beer. While those are fine activities, I should take more advantage of what my city has to offer. Most museums have bars or cafes in them too, so that's a plus :)

I really enjoy the Met, but it has an overwhelming amount of art in it. Thankfully, it is a pay-what-you-wish admission, so it's not so painful to go back often and take in a little at a time. At least it is a good theory.

This woman was a piece of work herself. If you can't see, those leggings (which do not equal pants, people!) are pink and green cheetah print. Classy.

What we really came to see was this. Big BambĂș (please pardon Mr. White shirt and his twin with half a face...he was in my way!).

Unfortunately, we missed the ticket sale and all the tours to go up in the structure were sold out. That's right, you can climb up in it! Crazy!

Lovely view over Central Park from the Met roof where we were able to enjoy a nice Brooklyn beer. Have I mentioned I love New York?

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