Sunday, October 24, 2010

My weekend

While parts of my weekend were spent falling asleep on Kurt's couch, I was also able to squeeze in a few interesting events:

Saturday was the big football match-up between #4 Auburn and #6 LSU. We watched at the Auburn bar here in NYC called 515 Bar. There is a string of college bars along 3rd Ave in Manhattan (although the Ohio State bar is curiously in Time Square) which have connected themselves with certain college and pro teams. Any given football Saturday (and other days for those other sports) you will see fans emblazoned with their team shirts strolling around Murray Hill as if they just left the stadium. It's a great way to get together with fellow fans. I never knew there were so many Auburn Tigers in the city!

Luckily we came out with the win! It was a really great game and Auburn has now moved up to #3 #1(omg!)! I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I don't know what I would do if we go to the National Championship game! I jokingly told Kurt I would go to the game if we make it that far. He will probably hold me to that claim. Well, I've never been to Arizona...

After a full day of football on Saturday, Kurt took me to a nice Sunday brunch. We rode our bikes over to Saraghina in Bed-Stuy. We came across it several weeks ago when I went to have my first meet-and-greet with Aubie Cat and decided we should go back.

I love the aesthetic of the place, a little industrial, a little like a rustic farmhouse, and mainly white with piecemeal decorations.

The backyard space is great. Luckily it was a really warm day, so we were able to enjoy it without being too bundled up. Unfortunately, it turned into baby central while we were there and tons of kids enjoyed the backyard too. They also have a resident cat that strolls around the tables, greeting all the patrons, requesting donations.

The owners and staff are Italian, so Kurt was excited to speak with them a little bit. We also eyed everyone's delicious looking pizzas as we made our way to the back yard. Instead of typical brunch food, we split a pie and salad. Our pizza was topped with artichokes and a spicy sliced meat. The cheese was really good and the crust was fluffy but still thin. Delicious!

Kurt and I also had a lovely Sunday dinner in Fort Greene, but I thought it deserved its own post!


  1. Yea, I thinking since last January that I'd be going to Glendale for the championship game...sigh...

    Also the baby to adult ratio was not good at Saranghina. Bed-stuy may be the new Park Slope!


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