Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Graveline Homestead

I'm working on putting together some posts from our recent journey to the Southland. As per usual, we took a gazillion pictures, so I am currently sorting through them and picking those that best describe the trip. An easy place to start would be my parent's house*. The weather was nice and warm and the trees were beautiful colors. My parents just had that tan garage built recently so my dad can turn the current garage into his game room. Empty nesters are crazy folks :)

Kurt and Dena in a race to the house!

What can I say? We like our pets. I failed to get photos of the entire menagerie of animals but the rundown is 1 dog, Dena; 4 inside cats, Pumpkin, Pepper, Sissy, and Puff; 1 barn cat, Smoky; and 2 horses, Morley and Annie. (I've mentioned before how our family has never been very creative with animal names.)

Kurt and I were there for less than 24 hours but it was still nice to chill out briefly and see my parents. I'm looking forward to more leisure time when I head back down for Christmas. Thanks for a great visit, Mom and Dad!


*Current internal debate: what to call my parent's house?! I mean, at one time (about 6+ years worth) it was my house too. It doesn't feel like I live there anymore but retains some level of familiar comfort. At what point will NYC (or any other city I inhabit) be "home"? Blog musings...

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  1. I say "home" to both Raleigh and Birmingham - it annoys Joey though :)


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