Monday, November 1, 2010


I don't really have a logical progression of Saturday evening's activities. There was an early party and then a couple bars in Brooklyn. Bar 4 had an awesome band and we ended at Black Horse Pub (or White Horse to Kurt) with some dancing. Lots of drinks and lots of good costumes. The rundown:

Silvia and Erik as Olive Oyl and Popeye. I'm impressed at how quickly these two came up with the idea and executed. His buttons are beer bottle caps and his pipe is made from a pencil and wine cork. Love it.

Meow. Thank you for the attempt, Andrea.

I can't say I'm a follower (or even a TV watcher), but Jenn dressed up at the cheer coach from Glee. She valiantly held onto that Slurpee cup all night long. And Christine dressed as one of her Cheerios. I can't say I know the girls on the left and right. I'm assuming they fit into the Glee world somewhere.

Not sure what exactly is going on here. I think Batman and Catwoman are chest bumping.

Kurt and I had coordinating costumes. I was a bumble bee and he was an exterminator. We put it together in about 30 minutes. Kurt borrowed some coveralls from his brother and I Photoshop-ed him some Raid labels. I used electrical tape to make my stripes and crafted wings and a stinger out of cardboard. (DIY future tip: remember to paint both sides of your wings. I displayed my Barilla pasta pride all evening.)

I like this picture of us too. I'm trying to sting Kurt but he is too focused on his phone to notice. He was probably checking scores because we made him miss all the big football games :(

I love Halloween in New York. More crazies than normal come out but everyone gets into it. It's great to see what people will come up with for costumes and everyone is out to have a great time. I always say this, but I need to start planning my costume now so I am ready for next year!

(I never take good pictures at these kinds of things, so thanks to Kurt, Jenn, and Andrea for lending theirs!)

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  1. That's a costumed version of Silvia?! Huh, looks normal to me. Ok...

    I almost certainly was checking scores... :-)

    By the way, you wouldn't have had wings if Erik and I didn't buy the 12-pack of pasta at Costco...


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