Saturday, November 6, 2010

La Maison du Chocolat

My firm does work with this French chocolate company called La Maison du Chocolat. They have boutiques in France and Japan, but we are their unofficial New York architects. Since I have been at my job, I have worked on a warehouse space for the company in Long Island City, a temporary holiday shop in the Empire State Building, and, most recently, a retail space at a mall in New Jersey.

Nora is our wonderful client from La Maison. She is so sweet and great to work with. (It doesn't hurt that she often brings delicious chocolate goodies to meetings as well!) She was kind enough to send me my own personal invitation (and +1!) to La Maison's event celebrating 20 years in New York.

I was afraid only chocolate would not be an adequate dinner, so Kurt and I headed uptown to the party after a few snacks and drinks at our favorite post-work happy hour spot.

Sadly, our time-killing plan backfired and we missed the champagne! Alas, our only consolation was multiple macarons, decadent cakes, and mini ice cream cups. Our invitation got us VIP treatment and we were able to skips all the lines and head straight for the goods. I will not disclose how many treats I consumed that evening, but the treadmill is calling my name. Hey, you only live once! 

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