Monday, November 1, 2010

Pupkin Parade

Kurt and I went to check out the Fall Festival in my local Fort Greene Park on Saturday.

They had all sorts of kids events and even a horse-drawn carriage.

However, I was there for the Pupkin Dog Costume Contest.

Check out the crowd! I could have hung out there all afternoon but we had Aubie with us, so we only got to see a few contestants. As we were leaving, I heard the announcer say Here is entry #56, Lady Gaga in the Meat Dress...Hilarious. 

I tried to get as many pictures of costumes as I could. Some people went all out!

That bitch stole my costume! :)

Oops, not a dog but cute nonetheless!

This guy was ready to come home with me.

Not sure if the dog and train went together. I'm loving Dachshund pups these days though. If I can't get a big dog, I wouldn't be so heartbroken to settle for a little hot dog. 

Isn't my park lovely? I love these steps...minus all the baby carriages.

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