Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spontaneous Saturday

Earlier this week, I realized Saturday would include Auburn playing a cake game against the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Homecoming) and Ohio State taking a bye week. What divine power caused the stars to align in this way which might grant me a football free (or at least limited) weekend?! On such a rare occasion I thought it might be fun to get out of the city and go somewhere. My initial ideas were to rent a Zip Car and head to a winery in the North Fork of Long Island or to Upstate New York to see Storm King and dia Beacon.

Upon waking up Saturday morning, Kurt and I realized all the Zip Cars were taken for the day. A little discouraged, we decided to go somewhere we could reach via public transportation. Destination: Princeton, NJ.

The campus is spectacular. I can't imagine going to school somewhere so gorgeous.

They have a Frank Gehry building...

...and a Richard Serra.

It was an amazing time to go. The leaves were changing colors, so we were able to experience some beautiful fall foliage.

After a suggestion from my alum coworker, Karen, Kurt and I had lunch at the Triumph Brew Pub. We shared a couple local brews, some good vegetable bisque, and an amazing panini.

Foolishly, I thought we would escape football this weekend. Somehow it caught up with us at lunch, constantly on Kurt's phone, and even in Princeton itself. They were playing Penn at home. However, their game day environment is a bit different from Columbus and Auburn. It was pretty quiet.

I was impressed with all the tigers spread around campus.

Kurt too.

I need this hat to support my Auburn Tigers!

 Speaking of...look what Kurt spotted parked near campus! An Auburn Alum in New Jersey!? I didn't think such a thing existed! We saw them pulling out a little later but weren't able to get in a crazed War Eagle! Next time!

Overall, it was a nice trip outside of the city. We were able to enjoy a personal tour of campus, Kurt was able to add to his postcard collection, and we luckily made it back to Brooklyn to enjoy the 8pm football games. Thank goodness

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  1. You didn't mention that their 'Tigers' look more like 'Nittany Lions'!

    I would also like to note how accessible Princeton is by public transit. We took trains the entire way and even where there's a change the trains are well-synchronized. For this I love the east coast.

    Oh, also, the Gehry building is the Peter B Lewis Library: Peter B Lewis is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and was a Princeton alum. He has a building bearing his name by Gehry in Cleveland as well:


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