Monday, November 22, 2010

Wedding Day

The last stop on our Southern journey was in Pensacola, Florida for my friend Courtney's wedding on Sunday. We left Auburn semi-early (well, maybe not early enough) with Jessica and her boyfriend Eric, picked up some donuts, and hit the road headed for the coast. Thanks for the ride, Jess and Eric! 

The ride was over three and a half hours, so we decided to wear grubby clothes in the car and change into our wedding garb once we got closer. Wendy's was our best option. This one was half restaurant, half gas station. We have standards, you know. Doesn't Kurt look like he loooves weddings?! :)

The cutest little chapel near the water. Unfortunately, we cut our time a little too close and missed Courtney's big entrance into the church. We slipped in during the ceremony and sat quietly in the back. It was such a small crowd, I hope we didn't cause a scene! 

The church and reception site were both right near the bay. I would have loved to run and dug my feet in the sand but time just didn't allow. I miss the beach!

The Auburn crowd + Kurt (our honorary Tiger). Isn't Courtney's dress gorgeous? She had it made specifically for her by a recent fashion school graduate here in NYC and saved loads of money! Good tip!

There was music playing during the reception but not much dancing. However, the bride shared a sweet dance with her father. What you can't see is her mother sobbing in the background. I'm not sure she was prepared for this day as well as she thought! It was sweet. The bride and groom shared their first dance to Etta James' "At Last". They stole my song! I love that one :)

Cute cake. I feel like no one does traditional cake toppers anymore, so it is always interesting to see what people choose. I'm so happy for Courtney and Daniel! They took a honeymoon to Costa Rica before they head back to Mobile, Alabama to begin their married adventure together. Congratulations!


  1. Quick comments:

    1. that shirt looks better than I thought.

    2. Wendy's is from Ohio.

    3. I wasn't the only non-Auburn/War Eagle in that pic, Eric is a Tider.

    4. It was a good wedding, the reception was so chill. I enjoyed hanging out there just relaxing and bullshitting with good snacks.


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