Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Yellowhammer State: Birmingham

My parents were kind enough to drive Kurt and me down to Birmingham on Friday evening. The purpose of the visit was to hitch a ride to Auburn, so we were only there overnight. Kurt requested we visit the recently opened Railroad Park in downtown. He had been doing some research on the project since discovering it in the works last April, so I feel terrible that we didn't get there until after dark (stupid winter!). It was still a great project! {All images courtesy of Kurt. I wasn't interested in employing the method so all my night shots turned out blurry.}

Lots of rules! However, they seem less foreboding in cartoon form.

I'll let the Landscape Architect tell you his thoughts, but I thought it was a great park. I was more thrilled to see people actually using it after dark. I think it will be a great addition and catalyst to Downtown Birmingham. Maybe Huntsville should take some pointers :)

Jen and Joey, our ride to Auburn, weren't slated to arrive in Birmingham until late after their drive from Raleigh, so we decided to get some drinks and a bite to eat with my parents to kill some time. I don't know my way around Birmingham very well but remembered this nice, tucked away place I had been to once. It took a few wrong turns and using Kurt's map and compass on his smart phone, but we finally stumbled upon the cute little cobblestone street from my memory. Everyone was quite happy with my choice of J. Clyde. We shared some conversation and drinks and food with my folks before they hit the road back to Ardmore. I convinced some Auburn friends to come meet us and we shared more drinks until Jen and Joey arrived. Too many drinks and early morning wake up calls never mesh well. Oh well! I never thought it was going to be a restful weekend!


  1. Too much pressure!

    It's a great park. Tom Leader is a very well known landscape architect, I think this might be one of their if not their largest project to date...not sure though...haven't done enough research on them yet.

    I loved the gabion walls which also served as benches, brilliant way to provide a lot a seating in what I assume to be a rather inexpensive manner. I think it's a great park for Bham, it's very well programmed which is so critical for urban parks in difficult cities like Birmingham. I'm glad they pulled together enough funds to do it and I hope it leads to more downtown development.

    To see it being used at the hour we were there was encouraging, should prove nay-sayers wrong.

    Oh! I thought you would've quoted me on my 'we have smart phones, now we also have smart parks' comment. :-)


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