Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hyperventilating (with glass of wine in hand)

I was just subscribing to a new online magazine (I'll let you know how it is when I get my first issue) and realized that come January 1st, I will be exiting the 18-24 age bracket. Eeeek! In reasonable moments I know 25 is young, but it feels like a whole new ball game. I don't foresee a quarter life crisis stemming from my upcoming birthday, but it may inspire some reflection on the past few years and newfound excitement about the next few. In the spirit of monumental birthdays and New Year's resolutions, I was inspired by this poster found here. Some good tips for now and always!

A poster of Ghandi's "Top 10 Fundamentals" offered for free here!

Speaking of inspiration, I recently came across a blog called Project 29 to 30, where Stephanie has vowed to do something she has never done before everyday during her 29th year. That seems a little ambitious for me. Once a week (or maybe even less frequently) seems more my speed. I am now accepting suggestions for new experiences :)

I'm currently sitting at home, enjoying my last few hours in Alabama, praying that my flight to NYC will take off tomorrow (all flights from Nashville to Newark were cancelled today). I had a last supper with my parents, my sister, and her new boyfriend (who unfortunately is not the best photographer) tonight at a local Mexican restaurant in Huntsville. I've thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the South, but keep your fingers crossed I make it back to Brooklyn tomorrow!!

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  1. I did the same thing with the age group thing (& do a lot of online surveys for FF miles) and I still get very excited when the age groups are like 20 to 30 or something. It still kinda sucks to be in the 25 to 34 group. Perhaps the pain will subside when I enter my late twenties.


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