Friday, December 31, 2010

I have never seen so much snow!

Thankfully, I have made it back to Brooklyn. I was worried that the blizzard which dumped about 18 inches of snow on New York City the day after Christmas would severely disrupt my flight back. I was one of the lucky ones and flew out of Nashville with only a slight delay. The terminal at Newark Airport was packed with people when I arrived. I can't imagine having your flight cancelled and being stranded for so long! Hopefully things have been straightened out for all those travelers!

I really had no idea what to expect when I arrived home. We had been watching the news stories in Alabama about the snow and poor plowing but it didn't really click until I was trudging from the subway to my apartment. Most of the streets in my neighborhood had been plowed but huge banks of snow had piled up along the sidewalks, making it super tricky to cross at intersections. Then there are deceivingly deep puddles filled with slush and freezing water that you don't see until you are ankle deep in them. And this was 3 days after the storm! I can't imagine what it was like early in the week. If I had been around, I think Aubie and I would have buckled down and not left the apartment for days.

Here are some photos I took around the neighborhood on Thursday, December 30th. I don't think this snow is going anywhere soon!!

I think I know why Puerto Rico does it better...just a guess.

Snow piled up as high as street signs!

Meadow in Prospect Park and sledders!

Slushy mess! I could do without this "winter" thing!

What to do when it is a snowy mess outside? Make food, of course! I have been cooking up a storm the last day and a half. Check the fruits of my labor out here, here, and here.

Happy New Year!

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