Thursday, December 9, 2010

Old 97's

Last night I went to the Bowery Ballroom to see the Old 97's with Kurt, Erin, and Paul. Through a string of unfortunate scheduling mishaps, Silvia and Erik (the biggest fan of the bunch) are heading to tonight's show. I did some last minute Grooveshark studying this week but am not that familiar with the Old 97's music. They are a sort of rock/country group and put on a really great show. They were super upbeat and played for what seemed like forever (in a good way). In my limited exposure to their music, I picked a favorite song and was thrilled when they played it as their finale. Awesome. 

Hayes Carll was the opening act and was good as well. His country vibe was a little more apparent but he had some funny songs that I enjoyed.


Before heading to the show, we convened at a bar around the corner from the venue. We had a few beers and food at Loreley. It was a chilly night, so it doesn't get much better than meaty, German food to keep you warm. Our server was incredibly nice and chatted with us a while. Kurt asked if they ever served mulled beer (apparently a German thing?) and he told us about the warm, spiced wine they had. Erin ordered a glass which was really good on a cold night! I wished I could have traded in my beer for some! I'm inspired to make mulled wine at home now in my crock pot. Maybe I will use Jenn's recipe or if I'm lazy maybe test out Laura's technique for making herbal tea.

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  1. Old 97s were awesome. Really great show and they played a ton of songs... EXCEPT my favorite!

    Hayes was good, I really enjoyed him, he was more country, maybe just a little more twangy. I enjoyed the moment in which he started talking about Arkansas (where he's from) and I wanted to yell, but instead quietly said to Melissa: GO BUCKEYES! She paused, and thought a moment then said, 'Oh, they're next on your hitlist...jeez.' :-)

    Yea, the German food before was perfect. I should try to make some hot beer this weekend and I'll start convincing people of it one-by-one. Worked with pickle-backs!


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