Friday, December 17, 2010

Parties (cont'd)

Phew! I'm tired already! Is it time for my vacation yet? :)

Last night was AFHny's annual Holiday Party. I've had a good time the past couple years and this one was no exception. Architecture for Humanity was able to have wine donated and lots of gourmet hors d'oeuvres were passed around through the evening.

The space was great for a party too. GD Cucine in Chelsea was kind enough to offer their kitchen showroom for the evening. (Those orange cabinets are pretty crazy, right?! Reminds me of this place too. Who puts these kitchens in their homes?! Certainly not our clients.) 

It was a fun party with a short presentation of all the good things AFHny has been doing through the year. I hope it will inspire more people to get involved in 2011! I've pledged some time to helping out on a grant writing team so we can start acquiring funds for new projects. Wish me luck!

Some Auburn connections are in town (1 Brit, 2 Canadians, and 1 architecture classmate), so we all decided to crash Christian's office party :) It was technically over but we were still able to partake in some free food and rose margaritas. I also didn't turn down a couple glasses of champagne when the Prince (long story) was buying bottles.

Their party was in the upper floor of Casa Mezcal in the Lower East Side. The downstairs part of the restaurant was absolute madness but the party space was nice and homey. It was a fun way to wind down the night. Thanks, Christian!


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