Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Wednesday Nights

Kurt, Andrea, Pascale, Jenn and Christine

You meet all sorts of people in NYC. A lot of them are out there networking, looking to further their careers and get ahead. Rather, most of my friends are out there in the search of free booze and snacks. (What can I say? We're simple.) Our city has such a high cost of living, you have to be creative with social excursions if you want to pay your rent. Since schmoozing is such an integral part of the design business in this town, product companies and showrooms will often have events (with wine and cheese, of course) hoping to woo architects and designers to specify their products. Little do they know, us young, inexperienced designers have little to no say in what goes into our firms designs, and we even bring along all our non-designer friends to partake in the free goodies.

Well, Jenn hit the jackpot recently. A friend told her about this series of events running through January.  in the month of December. I have yet to fully grasp the overall theme, but multiple Italian showrooms in SoHo are hosting free events throughout the month to celebrate 50 years of something (you can tell I'm very interested in what they are trying to promote). Via the Dwell website, I've learned that the 6 week event is called Italian Design Street Walking and is in honor of the 50th Anniversary of I Saloni Milano, also known as the Milan Furniture Fair, slated to take place in April 2011. Jenn and her coworker attended one event last week where they bounced around to several showrooms with parties, discounts, and presentations. 

It sounded like fun, so some of us decided to join them at last night's event. Pedini was hosting a truffle themed evening at their kitchen showroom near TriBeCa/SoHo/Chinatown (I can't exactly tell you where we were). They served free wine, truffle crostini, sliced meat with truffle cheese, and a simple little pasta with truffle bits. (If you are wondering like I was, these truffles were not the chocolate kind but the mushroom-like things that are often very pricey). We chowed down, drank up, and perused the showroom for a bit.

Kurt was salivating over this knife collection.

They had some nice things but was a little too space-age for my taste. Thanks for the free stuff anyway, Pedini! We've got several other events on our calendars through the rest of the month, so I hope to be taking advantage of many more of these freebie nights. 

*Oh, and another little dirty NYC secret. Lots of organizations (like AFHny) and businesses have Christmas parties. Jenn and I plan on hitting the Holiday party circuit in the upcoming weeks! December is an eventful month! :)

After a few glasses of wine and a lifetime quota of truffles, we hopped in a cab (because we were being lazy and it otherwise would have required a long hike) and headed to the East Village. Andrea had a family friend who was performing at the Sidewalk Cafe. Hannah and her mom are super sweet and adorable (I receive multiple hugs just for attending). Hannah performs under the name Eitch (pronounced "H") and played a 6 song set. Andrea described it as electro pop and while it isn't quite my favorite type of music, she is super talented. She has a great voice and composed all of her backup music on her laptop. A one woman show! Definitely check her out!

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