Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skyline Party

Friday night, Kurt and I went to a holiday party thrown by contractors that Kurt works with. Skyline Restoration is a predominantly Greek business and always hold their party at Kellari Taverna, a Greek restaurant in midtown. It's a huge space and a great place to hold a party.

Kurt and I also went last year when Skyline hosted a sit down dinner. This time they opted for hors d'oeuvres and a buffet. I've never had such good food! It was all incredibly delicious! Eliminating all the tables allowed more people to attend and was a lot more laid back. They had a band the whole night and some people even did some dancing towards the end of the night. An open bar doesn't hurt either :)

It wasn't by choice, but Kurt and I ended up passing through Times Square on our way to and from the party. I've met my quota for the year! Sadly, you will not see us there for New Year's Eve. We are still trying to drum up some plans for the night (help!), but I am positive I do not want to ring in 2011 cramped next to millions of strangers in sub-freezing temperatures.

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