Monday, December 6, 2010


I promise I did a lot this weekend. I just didn't document it very well. Friday evening was spent with friends and pizza at the Brooklyn Brewery. Saturday included watching the SEC Championship game where Auburn handily defeated South Carolina. National championship game, here we come! The remainder of the evening was interspersed with more football, rousing games of Catch Phrase, and an impromptu round of Name that State Capital (where my ignorance was incredibly depressing). Sunday's main event was Jenn's annual Holiday Party. A bunch of girls get together each year to make candy and cookies and drink spiced wine. I made some super easy Lemon Squares (found via) and consumed too many sweets. Typical.

It's beginning to feel like winter here. It's finally getting cold and blustery. We even got a few flakes of snow this morning! Christmas tree vendors are popping up all around Brooklyn and I saw tons of people toting their purchases home this weekend. It's funny to see the tiny trees people choose because that is all that can fit in a New York apartment!

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