Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's practically Wednesday and I'm just getting to the weekend recap. It's been a busy week and is only getting busier from here on out. I'm packed solid with holiday festivities for the rest of week, so I've been trying to catch up on real life things for a couple days. Anyway, it seems like a year ago but here is what I was up to last weekend:

Kurt's firm (i.e. him and his boss) just moved offices and had a inaugural party in their new space on Friday night. When I say they moved offices, I mean they abandoned 2 tiny cubicles and moved down the hall within the same suite. Now they occupy a former elevator shaft with huge windows and a fabulously redesigned interior (a la Terrain). Definite upgrade.

Saturday I was determined to get some use out of my crock pot, so I made a White Bean and Apple Chili.

Saturday night, Kurt and I met some friends to see a band at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg. Englishman always puts on an amazing show. We've seen them several times (the first show we saw was in Erin and Paul's Fort Greene backyard) and each time I appreciate their music infinitely more. Definitely check them out. They are also the nicest, most down to earth guys from Kentucky.


And since I am not able to be in multiple places at once, I was not able to attend the honorary Tiger Walk in Times Square to welcome our beloved Cam Newton to NYC or watch him win the Heisman by approximately a million votes. Alas, I was supporting him from afar. War Eagle!! 

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