Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Works in Progress

I thought it was about time to show off some of the things I have been working on at the office. While it's not always fun and games, I love seeing it all come together. After months of drawing things endlessly, some projects are in construction and mostly complete. Here are 3 at different stages that I was able to photograph recently.

The first is a townhouse in Greenwich Village. The client is a young couple (who found out they were expecting twins mid design!) and we combined 3 floors (2 apartments) into one apartment. It was the first project I was given when I started, so it was a steep learning curve but really interesting!

Construction has been complete for months, but the client is still working with a decorator to choose furniture, some wall coverings, and the little details. 

Love this window.

That's a 65" television. I was there supervising on moving day and it came in the largest box I have ever seen. Incredible.

I must have drawn that kitchen 50 different ways.

This little powder room is adorable. We designed the wall paneling but the decorator picked the wallpaper. Yep, those are buttons on the wall. It's over the top but really fun. It will be interesting when their babies get tall enough to start yanking them off the wall :)

When we first started working with the client, our aim was a little different. They wanted a roof deck for a parties and lots of entertaining space. Once those kiddos were on the way, the attention shifted to nurseries, nanny's rooms, and playrooms. It really drove the project from there on out.

I'm happy with how it turned out in the end. I can't wait for them to get all their furniture, organize a bit (they have so much stuff!), and have some photos taken for the website.

This next project is the gut renovation of the garden level of a brownstone in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. The client is a family with 3 kids and we are renovating their kitchen, dining room, and powder room. I've had my ups and downs with the wife, but she has ended up being really sweet and loves the new space (she even gave me a Christmas present!). They're currently in the process of moving things back in, so I can't wait to see it all cleaned up.

We installed this enormous island that is over 13 feet long! It's huge! The client ordered some super funky pendants lights to hang above it. For the most part, I like the client's taste. She likes a traditional backdrop with fun accessories and art.

There was an incredible amount of millwork (cabinetry) on this job and we worked with an amazing contractor. It all looks amazing. The floor is one of my favorite features too. Although, I wish they hadn't gone quite so dark with the stain because the grain in the walnut is beautiful.

This whole hood enclosure is a bit gaudy for my taste but she likes what I designed. I guess that is what matters. Isn't the marble on the counter and backsplash great too?

We wanted to differentiate the cabinets at the dining area, so we went with a dark stain, similar to the floor.

Fab little pantry designed by moi :)

We also redid this tiny little powder room. I love how the vanity top extends into a thin shelf over the toilet.

Cubbies and bench for the kiddies to store hats and gloves and tie their shoes at the entrance.

This last project is in the midst of construction now, but the views are too good not to share. The Queensboro Bridge practically springs out of their master bedroom window.

And their living room terrace could serve as a high dive into the East River.

Plus, they are getting over 10 feet of floor to ceiling shoe storage. Can I please own that many shoes one day? And also have a fabulous apartment to store them in? I really don't ask for much :)

I've been staring at these projects on my AutoCAD screen for so long, I love seeing everything finally come together. Look forward to updates!


p.s. This was my 100th post!!! Can you believe it! I've had so much fun writing it, and hope you (my 3 loyal readers) continue to enjoy following :)

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