Saturday, January 15, 2011

3F has a new roommate!

No, I haven't crossed the line into crazy cat lady and acquired another cat (although scarily, every time I see a stray on the street, I think what's one more?). One of my (human) roommates is moving in with a friend in Queens, leaving a vacant room in our cozy three bedroom. We put up an ad for the place on Craigslist, conducted a ton of interviews this week, and finally chose a girl who we think will make a great addition to our place. 

The upside to this transition is that I get to upgrade to my roommate's old room. Her room is a bit larger my current one and has three windows and two closets! I'm pretty excited about the move. I'm hoping to make more decorating moves in the new space, get rid of junk that has been gathering during the year and a half in my current room, and hopefully quell my desire to relocate for a while. I'll keep you updated on all the big changes happening at 3F!

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