Thursday, January 27, 2011

Change of Plan(s)

Yesterday, I was all excited about my new room, perfectly content with the layout and eager to begin putting the finishing touches together. Then my floor plan and I received some helpful criticism (not my favorite thing but I am trying to keep an open mind) from landscape architects to the stars, Kurt and his boss. 

My initial design decisions were rooted in the fact that our apartment only has electrical outlets in interior partition walls. (The landlord must have been lazy and didn't want to chop into the exterior brick.) I was tired of living amidst a sea of extension cords, so I wanted to locate my desk and other electronic things along this wall, close to the power source. That left (what I thought was) a cozy little corner by two windows for my bed. 

The masterminds at Terrain decided it would be nicer to open up the corner with the two windows for a small chair and/or table. They suggested arranging the bed so it would look towards the windows instead of being jammed up against them. It won't be so drafty and sleeping in will be easier without the sun beating down on me. I'm most excited to have 3 sides of the bed accessible for easy bed making! (You can't imagine what kind of acrobatics I have had to do for the past couple years!) My favorite tip they offered was to remove the closet doors and replace with curtains. This will open up a lot of floor space in the room and offer a great opportunity to introduce some color and/or pattern.

Thanks, Kurt and Steven! I'm hoping to test out the new arrangement this weekend to see which works best!


  1. I think you are going to totally love the new arrangement. It does seem breezier. YHL posted about curtains for closets yesterday if you were interested in one option for implementing the curtain for closet idea...

  2. Maybe idea architects will listen to our ideas! Psh....


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