Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do I ask too much?

Tonight Kurt and I attended a design "Meetup" after work. It was held by IDNY at the D'apostrophe showroom near Chinatown. We all know I like a good reception with wine and snacks (like here, here,and here) but I was a little underwhelmed with tonight's show. Not only did they want us to listen to a presentation about some design-y thing, but the bar was closed during the talk! We weren't exactly in the presentation mood so Kurt and I sneakily made our way to our coats before they began. I tried to avoid the judgmental glares of the event organizers as we scooted out the door. Obviously we were just there for the free refreshments (which I generally like to enjoy in a relaxed setting without a PowerPoint presentation). Second thought, we dropped our business cards into a raffle when we arrived...I wonder if we'll win!

{In case my virtual sarcasm doesn't quite translate, I'm being a total brat and know it. Sorry, IDNY! Maybe next time I will make more of an effort, but I just wasn't feeling it tonight. Nothing personal.}

1 comment:

  1. I'm sort of surprised more events aren't like this, but happy they're not!


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