Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Go Bucks?

How did I end up in Times Square again?! We went to the Ohio State bar last night to watch the the Buckeyes take on Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. Kurt claims that Tonic is one of the only bars large enough to hold OSU's immense alumni club and fan following. I think they just like the proximity to Lace "Gentlemen's" Club next door :) Really, who wouldn't love Times Square?

Regardless, Tonic always receives the Buckeyes warmly and shows all the football games throughout the year. It's definitely Ohio State territory but I was torn over who to cheer for. Of course I want to support Kurt and his, but I also pledge some allegiance to the SEC. I actually like Arkansas! I decided to outwardly cheer for Ohio State and inwardly take some pleasure in good plays made by the Razorbacks (sorry, Kurt). 

It's hard to cheer for two teams at once and not that fun (recent wisdom from my birthday viewing of Sweet Home Alabama, "You can't ride two horses with one ass, Sugarbun." --Earl Smooter), so I decided to join the maniacs around me in support of Ohio State. The first half went well and everyone was happy. The second half did not go so well and things in the bar got intense. Thanks to a strong defense, OSU was barely able to hold off Arkansas.

They finally won 31 to 26. (The game didn't end until around 12:30!) However, no one was excited about the win! I understand being disappointed that your team played poorly, but everyone acted like they lost by 50 points. 

I like being a carefree football fan. When my team wins it is great. If we lose, I am sad for a moment, but I've never felt the need to yell and scream about it. I think all Buckeyes are just too knowledgeable about their team and the game of football. They know all the players, coaches, coordinators, and what they all had for breakfast. It's not just football, its a point of state pride. They've been such a powerhouse team for so long that wins are expected and losses are tragic. I like my little Auburn Tigers. Any given year we can be awful, but this year we happen to be awesome :) It's fun and exciting and "Great to be an Auburn Tiger". Get excited about the National Championship game next Monday! (and then a sorely needed hiatus from college football for a while) I'm getting anxious to wear my new orange and blue dress! War Eagle!

Oh, and since none of your own fans are happy about the game, GO BUCKEYES! 2010 SUGAR BOWL CHAMPS! :)

PS-I think I was punished for my momentary SEC support. The OSU alumni club put on a raffle (I was hoping for some Ohio State wine glasses!). I bought 6 lousy tickets and didn't win a thing! Ugh! Thanks for reminding me, Kurt!

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  1. Where to start?

    Great timing on that pic of the big screen with the final score! I like the chaotic sense the pic has to it...I didn't so much like the chaotic sense of the game. :-)

    I'm not in any way mad you quietly cheered for Arkansas (they needed it!).

    I so badly wanted to start an ESS-EEE-SEE chant at halftime...clearly I'm also (slightly) wiser in my old age. I did read that OSU fans did the chant after the game. Awesome.

    When you wrote that things got intense at the bar, well, yea, understatement. And yes, you're right, the mood was really really glum afterward. I don't know what it's like to lose by 50 (we've come close though). But the mood was only slightly happier than it was after we LOST to LSU and USC (the first time)...

    Anyway...GO BUCKS!


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