Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Deciding what to do for New Years Eve this year was a challenge. Last year we came across a party at one of our favorite local restaurants offering all you can eat and drink for $40. This year it wasn't so easy to find a good deal (similar offers were more like $100). I also wanted to do something out of the ordinary because at midnight I would be ringing in 2011 and a quarter of a century of life. 

We decided to go to Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook (a few blocks from Ikea). They have special offers and programs (Irish language class, open mike nights, trivia etc) all the time and the staff is incredibly nice and personable. During the warmer months we would often go visit our favorite bartender, George, for half price pizza nights (Tuesdays when you ride your bike).

Thing is, Red Hook is a bit out of the way. Kurt, Andrea, and I left from my apartment and took a train and bus to reach the bar. Some friends (troopers!) from Manhattan also came to meet us and had quite a journey to get there. Being off the beaten path ensured that Rocky's never got crowded and we had excellent service all night.

The interior is nothing special but the bar is large and retains lots of old-school Brooklyn charm. They have a pool table which was the site of a couple painful games. There is even another room with a stage and a great roof deck which is nice in the summer.

One of the deciding factors that clenched Rocky's for us was their "Think Global, Eat Local" menu. They ship in lobsters from Maine and have a delicious fixed price dinner every Friday night. While their pizza is awesome, Kurt and I both splurged with the lobster on this special occasion!

He never stood a chance.


Another great thing about Rocky's is their relationship with Six Point Brewery next door. They always have a fresh brew or two on tap. We generally go with their Sweet Action IPA but enjoyed pitchers of their Brownstone Ale all evening (apart from our free Champagne toast at midnight!). 

As the clock struck midnight, we all cheered and celebrated with the help of this guy in his tighty whities, socks and slippers, and Mickey Mouse tank top, smoking a cigar. New York is full of characters. Thanks to Kurt for encouraging the bar to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. 

We had a great time and delicious dinner and appreciate Rocky Sullivan's even more. Even though it was a challenge to get home in the morning (taxis are non-existent in that part of Brooklyn and all the car services were slammed), I very much enjoyed our out of the way celebration! Thanks for helping me start off my birthday with a bang!

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    It was a great new year's eve, Rockys is always a good time, the lobster was delicious, brownstone six point was excellent...thank you Melissa!


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