Friday, January 21, 2011

More Snow and New Boots

View from my window when I woke up.

Walk to work this morning. Cutest street!


And it is snowing outside my office window right now. Luckily I wore the new snow boots Kurt got me for my birthday. Aren't they .....practical looking? :) My former pair of Tretorn boots (and seemingly every pair of rubber boots I have ever owned) sprung a leak and weren't going to last me the rest of this crazy, precipitous winter. Kurt did a ton of research to find boots with practically indestructible rubber that would be warm for the winter months but possibly still work when it rains in the summer. He insisted on getting a quality pair even though I assured him I don't lead a very high performance lifestyle. They are pretty great boots though. Very comfy and warm and so far my feet have remained dry. I hope Kurt doesn't expect me to be all outdoorsy now!

1 comment:

  1. Vulcanized rubber! Watch out, outdoorsy-ness is a slippery slope!


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