Wednesday, January 19, 2011

watercolor wednesdays


Lately I have been admiring artist Caitlin McGauley's beautiful watercolors. I first saw her work in Lonny Magazine and the weekly posts she writes for their blog, aptly named Watercolor Wednesdays. She often paints ordinary objects and scenes but they always turn out energetic and quirky. They are never perfect but always have character. Maybe I am drawn to them as a departure from the everyday plans and elevations I stare at on my computer screen.

After seeing this building elevation today, I want to do my own! I had the briefest foray into watercolors during college and it would be great to pick up a brush again. The technique I used previously was excruciatingly time consuming, but I like the fast and dirty method Caitlin employs in her work. Hopefully the imprecision will make up for my lack of skill :) It would be great to decorate the walls in my new room with some scenes from around the city. Who knows...if they turn out decently, it would be fun to sell some on etsy. You too could own an original piece of art by Melissa Graveline one day! I'll keep dreaming...


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