Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend.'s cold outside! This is the time of year I just want to buckle down and hibernate until spring. Alas, life must go on, so I braved the elements a few times this weekend, puffer and snow boots required.


Friday night, Kurt and I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It has extended hours Friday and Saturday nights, and we like to take advantage of this great series called Observant Eye. A tour guide takes you through the galleries and highlights specific pieces of art that are connected by a common theme. It's great motivation to go all the way uptown and actually do something cultural. I also enjoy how they cover a huge variety of topics. (The museum is enormous! They have a lot to pick from!) I don't think I would have chosen to spend a lot of time looking at, say, African tribal masks, but when someone is telling you the story behind them, it makes it a million times more interesting. Broadening my horizons :)

This session's topic was childhood in Ancient Greek and Roman culture. Our tour covered several statues, pottery, and even a sarcophagus. It's also great to experience the museum without crowds. I highly recommend it!

Post-museum, Kurt and I made the journey out to Williamsburg. A friend through Kurt's work was having a birthday party/house warming at her adorable new studio. I was very jealous. She has a great space with a balcony and French doors and very little stuff. It is a goal of mine to eliminate clutter and only have the plain sight anyway.

Saturday, Kurt ditched me to go skiing. He, his brother, and another friend took the Paragon bus to Hunter Mountain for the day. I did boring, non-blog worthy things while he was away. I had high hopes for a warehouse sale at Taschen but was disappointed with the selection. I came away with a calendar of travel posters which may or may not end up as art for my new walls.

Saturday evening, I met up with some friends at Cubana CafĂ© for dinner and drinks. They have amazing margaritas and sangria, and I always get the Cuban sandwich (continuing my quest to find NYC's best...their's is quite good but I still think Habana Outpost's is better but, sadly, it is the off season).


My roommate moved out on Sunday morning but I wasn't around to watch the madness. Kurt and I stopped by in the early afternoon and it looked like we had been robbed. I knew all the common furniture was hers but the place looked so barren. I had a mini freak out that I wasn't going to be able to pull everything together by the time the new roommate moves in next Saturday. Even though we already had a project planned for the day at Kurt's apartment, he was so sweet to help me start painting the walls in my new room. We ordered some Thai food from around the corner at National (so cheap and so much food!) and got to work. It's still a work in progress, but I will be sure to reveal the more complete (because it will never be finished) makeover towards the end of the week. Kurt deserves all the credit. He did most of the work.

After our painting frenzy, Kurt and I kept Sunday Movie Night alive with Pulp Fiction. Kurt was amazed I had never seen it (I'm amazed he's never seen Star Wars, but that's another story) and insisted we watch. It was really nothing like I had expected. I guess it was entertaining but not one of my favorites. It was funny but pretty disturbing at times. Jeez, I'm such an old woman...

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