Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be Gone, Closet Doors

Work on the room has been slow these days. Kurt is currently on a week long ski trip in Wyoming, so I have had plenty of time to focus on my own space (maybe too much time). I have been meaning to tackle my closet doors ever since Kurt and his boss suggested removing them.

Before (right after moving in...ahh, so little clutter)

One night after dinner (and a couple beers), Kurt and I got ambitious and took the doors down. Luckily (or surprisingly), they were only held up with a few screws which made removing them quick.  

I fell in love with these curtains from World Market. I adore the pattern! Unfortunately they are a little pricey (ugh! and now on sale!), so I only let myself buy one panel to cover two closets. I planned to cut them in half and add some extra fabric in a complementary color to fill the door opening. 

Oh, and I don't sew, so this was all accomplished with hem tape and my poor little iron. (I don't exactly lose sleep over wrinkles so this was the most strenuous day of work my iron has ever seen!) Pardon the clutter...other craft projects in progress :)

The green fabric is a twin flat sheet from Ikea. $4.50! What a steal! Unfortunately the hem tape didn't bond well to the sheets, so they may require some actual sewing to take them beyond the half-ass state they are currently in. The pictures are kind of convincing though, right?! I'm happy with the look, but now my only dilemma is where to store the doors that are no longer on the wall. There is no where in the entire apartment they can be concealed. Currently they are stashed behind my bed but may make a move to the building hallway soon. Ahh...the joys of NYC living :)

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