Monday, February 28, 2011

on the hunt: perfect spring jacket

I wish these two jackets from Uniqlo would have a baby together. Then my search for the perfect Army-esqe anorak would be complete. 

The temperatures have finally begun to climb out of the freezing zone here in NYC. While Spring means warmer temperatures, it also brings loads of rain. I'm in need of a new rain coat and have some very specific items I am looking for in a jacket. It should be waterproof and have a hood with a drawstring to repel all that rain. I am digging the military look so I want an olive one with some pockets and detail. It absolutely needs pockets at the hip so I can keep my hands warm and occupied while walking (a jacket necessity!). I kind of like the slouchy ones that hid mid-thigh but would be willing to compromise on length. One thing I will not compromise on is a cinched in waist. I am tired of all these shapeless clothes these days that don't even look good on models (ever heard of Man Repeller?). I want to look like a girl! So far I've been (virtually) striking out. Here are some of the contenders that didn't quite satisfy my laundry list of requirements:

Banana Republic, adorable but no hood

Anthropologie, again no hood but an awesome drawstring at the waist

Hurley, a little too manly for my taste (maybe it looks different on)

American Eagle, how do people live without hoods?!

Macy's, also comes in olive, may be a little too girly although the $28 sale is growing on me

Loft, really like this one but am unsure about the hood status, may require a trip to an actual store

I saw a girl with my perfect jacket at the grocery store the other day. I should have asked her where she got it from!!! If you see anything that meets my criteria, please let me know! I can tell spring and the impending monsoons are right around the corner!

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