Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

Tonight I went to the Barnes and Noble in Union Square to see Ree Drummond, otherwise known as the Pioneer Woman. She writes one of my favorite blogs and just published a memoir about her whirlwind romance with her husband. The book was released today, and NYC was the first stop on her book tour. She was cute and funny and much more soft spoken than I expected. She even confessed she is not much of a public speaker and loves blogging because it is practically the antithesis of that. I agree.

Now I did something dumb today. Before I left for work this morning I got the bright idea to buy the new book online because Barnes and Noble has one day shipping in Manhattan (and maybe I am cheap and thought I would get a better deal online). I could get it delivered to work and have it in hand for her to sign when the time came. Somehow I failed to consider that I was going to see her speak at a huge book store that just might have a couple extra copies around for all us nerdy blog followers. And it turns out that "one day shipping" means by 7pm which is exactly when the program started. So, in the end, I left the office before the book arrived. I'm pretty sure they had 50% of the published copies of the book at Barnes and Noble. They practically wallpapered the place with them. I was so tempted to buy another copy, get it signed, and give the copy which is hopefully now sitting in my office as a gift. Once again I was cheap and did not. So now I have zero signed copies :( 

I also went by myself, so I didn't have the opportunity to be awkward and ask for a picture with Ree because I didn't have a photographer/wingman. Well, the Pioneer Woman has a children's book and another cookbook coming out soon-ish, so there's always next time!


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