Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BStar Extravaganza: Day One

Last week, a dear, long-lost friend from Indiana returned to his old stomping grounds. We held 3 straight days of celebrations to welcome him home, beginning with straight-from-the-airport drinks at Mission Dolores, the same place we held his going away party.

Yeah, this guy. His name is, I mean Brian :) He used to live in Kurt's building and worked at the same firm as Erik. Of course that makes him a landscape architect (designer types tend to travel in packs). He has been sorely missed but seems to be enjoying domestic life back in Indianapolis. He's trying to start up a non-profit called URBN DSGN. Check it out here!

All photos stolen from the amazing Andrea Puckett (center) and her similarly incredible new camera. I'm totally jealous!

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