Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BStar Extravaganza: Day Three

We had BIG plans for Saturday evening but none of them seemed to pan out like we had hoped. No fear! We adapt. We roll with the punches. Disaster was averted after our dinner spot for the night, Matamoros in Sunset Park, was closed for a private party. Since tacos were already on everyone's brains, we split into small groups, distributed ourselves to the many taco establishments in Sunset Park, and reconvened at Stephen's apartment in the neighborhood. He has such a great place! An entire floor of a brownstone all to himself! We all shared some real estate envy with our tacos.

Remeber BStar's non-profit? He was kind enough to bring hand-printed t-shirts for the Martigs. Of course they had to wear them together. Aren't they adorable?! 

Our post-dinner activity was meant to be bowling at Melody Lanes but it was unexpectedly busy. We would have had to wait at least an hour for a lane. Plan B was Catch Phrase at Korzo. What, you mean you don't play board games at bars? You should try it sometime :) It was late enough that we took over the entire back room and enjoyed the late night $10 pitchers.

We played for hours. Seriously. Everyone looks angry and bored but they are just concentrating. It was a blast. Sadly, it brought our BStar fun time to an end though. Thanks for visiting! It's been much too long. We miss you! Perhaps a trip to Indy is due in the future...

{pics via Dre, again}

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