Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BStar Extravaganza: Day Two

Friday night was dedicated solely to Korea Town (fondly referred to as K-Town). The neighborhood is much smaller than Chinatown but still very distinct. You're definitely in a different world once you stumble down one of the blocks around Herald Square! One of our favorite outings is getting spicy Korean food at Pocha 32 followed by some intense karaoke at Duet 35.

Lots and lots of soju is liquid courage for our next location...

Our big karaoke room.

Lots of room for dancing and group singing!

Sylvia and I being serenaded by Stephen and Kurt.

Christian and Kurt belting it out.

My favorite picture of Erin! She and Paul are definitely karaoke masters. They put us all to shame.

Andrea and Brian's version of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. Yes, that jacket on the floor is their magic carpet.

Kurt loves singing. For everyone's sake, I normally don't partake beyond singing along in the background. However, I couldn't pass up performing "Sweet Home Alabama" with Christian. He messed up my "War Damn Eagle" insertion at the chorus but I will forgive him. He better practice for next time though!

Such a fun night! Thanks again for the images, Andrea! (A few of my crappy, over-flashed pictures are mixed in. Don't hold that against Andrea or her camera. All the good ones are hers!)

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