Monday, March 14, 2011

buttermilk channel

Kurt's parents were in town this weekend and were gracious enough to treat "us kids" to a lovely dinner at Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens. The restaurant must have made quite an impression on them when they saw it featured on the Cooking Channel recently.

Thank goodness everyone's bodies were still operating on daylight savings time because we weren't able to get a reservation until 9:30. It was still great to have some yummy food and good company in a pretty swanky setting. The place was impossibly dim, so all of these images are borrowed.

I wish it had been warm enough for outside seating. The restaurant is located on a cute corner in Brooklyn. I've always like Carroll Gardens and hope to spend some more time exploring it this summer.

The interior was simple and clean. The lights were turned way down and candles lit all the tables. I am a big fan of the huge chandelier. All the Martigs were enamored with the rustic napkins :)

Apparently Kurt and I missed the memo about the restaurant's specialty being chicken and waffles. Everyone else at the table ordered them (even Silvia got the vegetarian version). Instead we split a teeny tiny (and crazy expensive) plate of scallops and puny hush puppies. Don't get me wrong, everything was delicious, but the portions left something to be desired. (Dear Fancy Restaurants: Please increase your plate size, so Kurt and I can comfortably split entrĂ©es and carry on our frugal lifestyle. Any business is good business, right?) Luckily, all the waffle eaters took pity on us and tossed chicken scraps our way. All in all it was a good night. Thanks again to the Martigs for a fabulous weekend!

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  1. It wasn't that the napkins were rustic, it's that they were cloth, and therefore washed and reused!
    Yea, it was a pretty beautiful place, but Bklyn spoils you like that...


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